Rainbow Ball

I see myself as a rainbow ball;                      A bright colored rainbow ball.                       I explode with life and excitement;      Feeling thorough with enlightenment.

Sometimes I’m just a trifle;                        Like part of a sherry trifle;                          Not the creamy sprinkely top,                    Not the sherry jelly pop;

But the wet biscuit base,                                Not a rainbow can I face;                                  I see myself as different things;                  Not sure what each new day brings.

But although my soul I cannot know;      With love and strength, I let it flow…            I am me….. a rainbow ball???


Ground: Swallow Me!

Let me stand in this forest forever.
Hide here, stay here; leave it never.
I am too weak for the world and it is too big for me.
Submissive to my heart, I can't find a way to be free.
Open trees, open please,
Wrap me in your branches; ground swallow me.
My mind won't leave me alone, I can't ever find a way to be free.
The birds are beautiful and that is enough; I can be satisfied with this.

The Prospect of It All

The prospect of it all,
Its just too late,
You are everything I’ve always wanted,
No time for a clean slate.


Settled for a life unsettled,
Complete now; whole, content.
Your life is well established,
Before me others went.


Sad about precedent choices,
Decisions set aside; delayed.
I see with touch what i want,
Though life is starting to fade.


Strength, acceptance, taken,
Weakness; my heart shatters.
Drenched, love, intense; inside,
Heart open; this matters.


The prospect of it all,
Anguished, bitter; its late.
You are everything i’ve always wanted,
No time for a clean slate.